Weigh In

Hi guys and gals!

It’s another beautiful day and so much to be grateful for.  The big man upstairs has been so very good to me and I am always thankful.  Slowly but surely I see and feel a few changes.  I will be scheduled for another water fast sometime soon.  Will definitely keep you all posted and I hope I can go a whole week!  Wish me luck!!

Below are the updated measurements and weigh in 🙂

Weigh-In = 245

( – or + )

-5.77% to goal


Arms 14.5″

Bust 44.0″

Waist 44.4″

Hips 53.0″

FullSizeRender 16FullSizeRender 14FullSizeRender 17FullSizeRender 15


Weight has always been my main challenge for many years, I started to pile on the weight as early as 5 years old. My biological father would force feed us (by us I mean my mother and I) in the wee hours of the night when he would get home from a night out.  Pizza, Jack in the Box, Whataburger– you name it.  Double cheeseburgers with large fries and lets not forget the soda.. He was very abusive, physically and mentally.

What is my excuse you ask, as an adult? Let me tell you a story… eating habits were destroyed at a very young age and eating healthy with moderation was not in the menu. My mother tried to help me as much as she could, bless her heart.  She is my number 1 Fan, and I hers. At a very young age I just quit, and stopped loving myself.  I was bullied for many years, sexually abused and I just didn’t care. I had no one to turn to (well, that’s how I felt). I did not want to be a burden.  At such a young age, how could a child feel that they are a burden?

Now I am here, on this day.  I cannot turn the hands of time, and to be honest, I wouldn’t change a thing.  <<brace yourself, I’m about to go basic with a quote>>

“My past does not define me”

Although at this very moment I feel as if I am swimming upstream, I will not quit.  I am going to love myself, I will achieve this goal, I will stay focused.  No matter the adversity I will succeed.


Weigh In! Oh my wow

FullSizeRender 13

Hi Guys and Gals,

I caved, I caved so good.  I know I could have made it a week but oh my gosh,  I just had to eat. So I did.  At 11:45pm I went to Walmart and brought Spinach artichoke dip, sharp cheddar cheese, crackers, sushi, well.. you get the drift. Haha.

A 5 day fast is still pretty successful, I am happy with the results.  Now it’s time to buckle up buttercup and get to steppin’ with the new menu. But before I go any further, I would like to share a few photos and measurements.

Weigh-In = 249

( – or + )

-4.23% to goal


Arms 15″

Bust 45.3″

Waist 48.3″

Hips 54.3″

FullSizeRender 9FullSizeRender 11FullSizeRender 8FullSizeRender 12

That pretty little black cat on the scale is my kitty Gorda ❤ She’s on board too, but she refuses to change her name 😀 <Gorda means fatty.  She’s my beautiful fatty, 13 years blessed with this beauty. She’s all fuzz.>  I have 4 other fur babies, ya’ll be seeing more of them too.

Now, 11 pounds is pretty awesome–but I know it’s mostly water weight.  It is a start and I will keep moving forward.  I’ve received lots of love and support from family and friends and let me tell you something.  You guys are the Best in the Whole Wide World, including Oro Valley. (My boss say’s that to the kiddos all of the time.  He is one of a kind and I am so lucky to be on his team).

Alright cool cats!  Next weigh in is due in a week.  Will be following up with the menu and snapping shots so I can show off the #nailedit


Day 4 all mighty Water Fast

Hello everyone,

Hope you had a great day full of Sunshine or a beautiful moonlight (in the event you are on the other side of the world).

Day 4 of this lovely water fast was pretty eventful… I was pumped up ready to go.  I prepared myself should temptation lurk around the corner.  And what do ya know?  It did!  As soon as I arrived to work there it was.  Delicious, dropped down from heaven and caressed by God himself — Nothing Bundt Cakes.  Now let me tell you something about these scrumptious little pieces of Nirvana <Yes! They are that good> The cup cakes are extremely moist and very soft– melt in your mouth ❤  

I took the liberty of snapping a picture from their website to show you a picture of cupcake heaven…

FullSizeRender 7.jpg

Oh mylanta it was so hard to turn away, LOL.  Now, I have a sweet tooth and each time I would need to pass by these tiny beautiful pieces of delight I would secretly say to myself “Vila la Resistance!”  — and I did!

Now that was the first temptation, let’s talk about the other one.  I have a lovely friend who loves to feed me, she is a BEAST with her culinary skills.  She was so kind to surprise me with Homemade Ceviche! Oh Mylanta to the second power, I wanted to faint.  Let me show you what I had to politely turn down…


She had all the fixings too.  Oh how I love her and oh how she scolded me for fasting.  My response ” I can eat next week..”

I am feeling good, aside from the fact that I had some serious cravings today and my second weigh in is just around the corner.  I am anxiously waiting to see some results.  Even the smallest of results will mean the world to me.  Scale and spandex ready!  Haha.



Hi guys and gals,

I’m going to be quite honest here… I am seriously ready to eat!  But I have a ways to go.  Would like to share an awesome menu that my beau spruced up based on the 1,500 caloric intake per day.  Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh yeah, and Snacks (I heart snacks).

I am not a big fan of the “Diet” phrase, it’s more than that.  It is truly a change of life, body, mind and soul. I would like to tap into my Chakra but I’m afraid she’s food drunk on past sinful Chillie-dogs, Tamales, and Pizza– currently suffering from a comatose state until I achieve this beautiful Water-Fasting goal I’ve (with no regret) embarked toward.

à la carte includes;

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Yummy veggies
  • Fruits – although I LOVE watermelon, it is high in sugar and said fruit will be consumed on my cheat day.

I absolutely will not give up my pizza, so where there is a will there is a way. I have found healthy alternatives. Definitely a Pinterest nerd! Below are a few pizza recipes that I will rock on when it’s time to grub!  I will however tweak a few ingredients and post the final Bon Appetite for a #nailedit Haha!

Roasted Garlic Spinach white Pizza
Creamed Spinach and Egg Pizza

Please feel free to copy and or share the following menu.  Who knows, maybe you will come on board.  The more the merrier!

Menu master list PDF

Menu master list DOC

Have a Great Day!


Water Fast day 3


Water fasting is fun! (tad sarcastic).

purified water
Grumpy Cat just loves to Fast!

On a serious note, it is truly beneficial and will rid your body of All Toxins. I understand most people are skeptical and do not understand why one would choose to fast. I have enough years of toxicity in my body that I just decided the time is now.

I was introduced to fasting by someone very close to my heart who fasted for a whopping 30+ Days more than once! Como Say What?! He is a true inspiration to me and was the gateway to my interest in fasting and learning how to eat. I am in a sense like an injured young fawn whom is being nursed back to health to be released into the wild.  Surrounded by fast food and Mexican delights. Tortillas and Pizza are my poison.  #breadwhore

Being very new to fasting, and reading numerous articles on the pros and cons, I decided to venture for myself. What a perfect time to dramatically start fresh with a new menu and to re-wire my noggin. So I pre-gamed Hard for the fast; Stocked up on a new water filter <generic brand from Walmart, I’m a gal on a budget 🙂 > Coffee, Zero Calorie MONSTER and lot’s of teas to keep me busy for hopefully a 2 week fast.

Let me give you an insight of Days 1-2

  • I am Hangry, hangry all of the time.  I want to gnaw on my arm.
  • I had a headache most of the day, but this is due to my body ridding of toxins.
  • My eyes were very glossy, and perhaps droopy. Not a good day for a selfie, haha.
  • I consumed about 1.5 gallons of water (I really don’t mind since that is my go to always)
  • I have a variety of teas and concoctions to flavor the yummy H20
  • Ah, the toilette.. we are the best of friends.  Did I mention a water fast will clean you out?  I will let you use your imagination.
  • Serious cravings but I keep telling myself ” Jess, you’ve eaten pretty much non-stop for the last 39 years and 3 months – you can go a week without food.  Maybe 2″

I am a pisces and I absolutely love to swim, so… I took a dip and jumped in the hot tub for about 30 minutes and almost passed out.  LOL.  Apparently, while fasting it is recommended that you take it easy.  I got it now.

Day 3

  • I woke up this morning feeling like P-Diddy
  • No headache today
  • Hardly any cravings, less Hangry
  • Spike in energy
  • Slight nausea but nothing alarming

Below are a few articles and testimonials of water fasting and it’s benefits.  Please feel free to read and let me know what you think.

Until next time,







monster sample 3

Welcome to my DROP 120 blog!

Weigh-In = 260 lb

( + or – ) = n/a

0% to goal


Arms 18″

Bust 49″

Waist 51″

Hips 57″

To drop 120 lbs, I first needed a strategy for budgeting a daily caloric intake. If I knew how many calories I burned naturally throughout each day at my age, height, and weight, then I could estimate the caloric deficit I would create on any given diet. I found great calculators on these four websites:


At 260 lbs. an intake of 2500 calories are required to maintain

Goal weight of 140 lbs. will have an intake of 1750 calories to maintain


260 lbs/2500 calories to maintain

140 lbs/1750 calories to maintain


260 lbs/ 2450 calories to maintain

140 lbs1800 calories to maintain


260 lbs/2825 calories to maintain

140 lbs/1975 calories to maintain


For me, beyond age and height, these numbers factor in an active lifestyle including moderate exercise!

So I’ve decided that my weight-loss diet will be based on 1,500 calories a day.

This is 1,000-a-day less than I need to maintain my current 260-lb weight, so I can expect to burn a lot of body fat in the beginning, but will also expect that rate of loss to consistently slow as I get closer and closer to the goal weight, because I will slowly and steadily reach a natural plateau at the goal weight of 140 lbs, a healthy weight for me, at which point I will switch to a 1,800 – 2,000 calorie-per-day 140-lb maintenance diet.

Of course, this Bell Curve effect of ever-slowing weight loss makes setting a date for the final goal weight very difficult, but not impossible to estimate.


So I can guesstimate from this spreadsheet that the first 10 lbs will take only a month to shed, but that rate will slowly decrease until the last 10 lbs, which will take a full 3 months to drop!

All together the spreadsheet will be a great tool to help with the transition on achieving my goal in 700 days, a little less than 2 years!

As I progress, I’ll be able to cross-reference this spreadsheet to gauge how far ahead of schedule I am.

I see no reason I can’t beat this schedule by throwing in a few extra sessions of exercise each week, or upping the intensity. But it’s comforting to know that according to the math, by simply budgeting my calories and going about my normal routine, I’m guaranteed to reach my goal in less then 2 years.

Disclaimer: This is a personal journey that is long overdue. Please consult with your Primary Care Physician should you choose to embark in a weight loss journey. 

XoXo. Jay